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Energetically bounding through the busy streets, and in turn causing reasonable alarm; Meiwaku defies earth’s insignificant gravity and mankind’s social demands with every action. Incentivised by the lack of man’s deterrent, Meiwaku will continue unbridled until actual destruction is inevitable. Back on Winaado, the green planet of doom, this creature is treated similarly to the […]

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Sent to an unbelievably complex world, this freak, even by its odd home world’s standards, is unbalanced and incapacitated by its own narcissism. 3.5′ x 5′ Enamel on Panel – $4000.00

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Without sleep, and indiscreetly focused, Kondowari lumbers though a popular drive-in movie theater in Tobuck, Missouri. Unaware of inward inspection, Star System Eight’s meat camera was sent to earth to relentlessly record the habits of human beings by the hive mind of its lizard like creators outside our galaxy. 3.5′ x 5′ Enamel on Panel […]

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Communist scientists have finally achieved a one creature army. And, the foolish West said it could not be done! The global struggle continues with renewed vigor. 33″ x 4′ Enamel on Panel – $3000.00  

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This muscular biped is not distracted by mankind from its simple love of nature. 3.5′ x 5′ Enamel on Panel – $4000.00

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Slimy, teetering and fascinated, Jobar just wants to move around freely and be curious. Because of its tremendous size. this amphibious wonder has absolute liberty. For now! 33″ x 4′ Enamel on Panel – $3000.00

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Electrified with new purpose, this loathsome, hairless beast, screams its loud empty cries into the endless night. Searching for an even uglier mate, Osore’s hopes will be dashed as this is the only of its kind. Who new spontaneous generation could happen in this century, in this age, in this reality? Let’s hope this new […]

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Odoroita Sakana

The deafening explosion has startled this aquatic megalith. The last time it surfaced 1000 years ago to catch a breath the world was much different. What will it arise to see in the next thousand years? Or the next? 3′ x 4′ Enamel on Panel – $3000.00

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Unfortunately when certain medicines are disposed of in the water supply, freakish mutations occur. Gianondor, such a pugnacious monstrosity, terrorizes this small border town regardless of its culpability. Which city or town is next? 3.5′ x 5′ Enamel on Panel – $4000.00

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3.5′ x 5′ ¬†Enamel on panel – ¬†$3500.00

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