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The Carters

A nice young lady commissioned me for a unique and wonderful wedding present. Her two best friends were getting married. They are both admirers of my art and the original Greetings from Austin mural, painted by Bill Brakhage and I in 1997.  She thought it would be fun to use the same format as the […]

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Kelzon 5

“Why Kelzon 5, why? Who sent you? What is the purpose of your destruction? Please do not destroy my neighborhood. God, how can we stop you?” And now internal screams. 3.5′ x 5′ Enamel on panel – $4000.00    

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Transported through time, space and dreams, the Gnarldred in it’s fool hardy attempt to annihilate an entire city, catches it’s arm on fire. Of course where Gnarldred’s from you would say, “catch your limdon on hellkratchen.” 3.5′ x 5 Enamel on panel – $4000.00

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Gleesnod and Collasaur

After a hundred years of struggle and pain, the slave tribes shipped to toil at the blood wells of planet Velston face the horrors of being hunted and devoured by Gleesnod and Collasaur.  The masters of  Velston have determined that a centennial of slavery is their limit of maximum productivity. Equally efficient, the appetites of […]

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Fundamentally a tortured creature, Lobedicus, is subject to zoological experiments on it’s home planet of Rhondan General. In this case the capricious Rhondanians have placed the Lobedicus in an exact facsimile of a small town on a far away planet. In the next eighty seven yourons ( a measurement of time on Rhondan that equals the […]

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An army of one, this hideous creature from beyond our galaxy was easily destroyed by the people in this parking lot and their variety of guns. 3.5′ x 5′ Enamel on panel – $4000.00  

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3′ x 4′ Enamel on panel – $2800.00

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An Insincere Call

3′ x 4′  Enamel on panel – $2000.00  

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The Greeting Card Machine

3′ x 5′ Enamel on panel – $2000.00    

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The Broken Record

3′ x 4′ Enamel on panel – $2500.00    

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