January 27th, 2011  |  Published in Monster Paintings

This lumbering amphibian unwittingly released from a subterranean swamp, finds itself frantically looking for it’s spawn. In frustration it roars flames of anger, always searching, always destroying. It will never know that the brood of it’s ancient offspring was destroyed when the earth’s core collapsed.

The men and their corporation always searching, always destroying, whom set the charges that caused the world to crack like an egg, never imagined how regrettable their actions would be. And those that still live, reviled by the world, hide is shame.

However, once human civilization is on the brink of extinction, the nations of the world will eventually band together to destroy this common enemy. And once again, the people of earth can go on searching and destroying.

But, how would they ever know that a few of Trillogore’s babies still survive?

This 5′ x 12′ image is painted on a back framed wooden panel in sign enamel, and clear coated with a flat vinyl coat.  This is one of three paintings created for the Mellow Mushroom restaurant in Austin, TX.

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