January 27th, 2011  |  Published in Monster Paintings

The eyes of Takodon see and feel the doom of their actions, but that empathy cannot stop them from leveling their deadly heat rays across the metropolis. It’s heavy, multi-eyed body writhing like a hundred gargantuan pythons, lives by instinct, and knows no mercy. Although no army can stop this creature, and much of the continent will be a wasteland; eventually, exhausted by it’s path of destruction, Takodon’s tired, sad eyes will shut, and never reopen.

However, no living man will ever touch the corpse of Takodon without suffering from instant radiation sickness, and immediate death. And the bones of Takodon will remain on earth long after the last man and woman alive ever whispered the question, “where did it come from, will there be more?”

This 5′ x 12′ image is painted on a back framed wooden panel in sign enamel, and clear coated with a flat vinyl coat.  This is one of three paintings created for the Mellow Mushroom restaurant in Austin, TX.

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